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#31 A, Chockanathan NagarMadhuravoyal, Chennai

Technological Specification

  • Cold storage volume upto 50 m3
  • Storage temperature below 0 °C possible  (e.g. -20°C to 20 °C)
  • Biogas fired NH3/H2O-absorption chiller  to provide cooling
  • Treatment of Tons of waste
  • Digester installed in a 40 ft container
  • Food storage in form of 40 ft container
  • Residual of fermentation used as fertilizer

Benefits of Cold Storage

  • Prevent food spoilage
  • Treatment of bio-waste, Reduce hygienic  impact
  • Substitution of electricity by biogas, Lower  operating costs
  • Combination with solar energy or power  generation, off-grid solution for rural areas  possible
  • Fermentation residuals usable as fertilizer,  improve the productivity of farming